Are You Struggling To Make Extra Profit In Your Business?

Most business owners work very hard at making sales and holding on to existing customers to make more money. But what if you had 6 ways to grow the profit in your business?

With our 'Business Analyser®' software we can define and then map out your pathway toward unlocking hidden profit and cash reserves in your business. And then incorporate these results to project you full financial picture at year end.

Profit Discovery Program®

You'll Be Amazed at How Easily and Simply You Can Build a Strong Financial Plan for Your Business.

"If you don't know your numbers, you don't know your business"

- Marcis Lemonis, The Profit.

If you’re in the small but elite group of business owners whose vision is to have the money, security, confidence and skills to be at the top of their game personally & professionally, you should join this unique and powerful 'Profit Discovery Program™'.

“What Is The GBM 'Profit Discovery Program™?”

As the name suggests, the 'Profit Discovery Program™' gives business owners the power to set and control the financial improvement in their business that they never thought possible. With this step by step Program we help you will uncover previously 'hidden' profit and cash flow improvements in your business.

Working with the 6 drivers of profitability and the 4 elements of working capital (cash flow) management, together we will uncover the hidden profit and cash flow improvement needed to turn your business around and set a new vision for the future.

“How You’ll Transform the Financial Future of Your Business and Your Life Discovering The Success Secrets Most Business Owners Are Unaware Of!”

The steps in the 'Profit Discovery Program™' are the building blocks to creating the wealth and lifestyle you hoped for when you started your business. No more sleepless nights or worry filled days, just a clear pathway to achieve financial success.

Here’s How!

Step 1

Create a financial strategy to meet your financial goals for the year.

Step 2

Create a detailed Financial Plan to track financial results throughout the year

Step 3

Re-design the source of your financial reports to maximise control and outcome

Step 1.1 - Profit Discovery

Using our specially designed 'Profit Explorer®' financial model we develop your profit improvement strategy.

Using the 6 drivers of profitability, together we will identify which drivers will have the biggest impact on your bottom line and then fine tune one so that achievable profit improvement (not blue sky, wish list stuff) can be implemented.

Step 1.2 - Cash Flow Discovery

Using our specially designed 'Cash Flow Explorer™' financial model we develop your cash flow improvement strategy.

Using the 4 elements of working capital management , together we will identify which elements will have the biggest impact on your bank account and then fine tune each one so that achievable cash flow improvement (not blue sky, wish list stuff) can be implemented.

Step 1.3 - Financial Projection

Using our specially designed 'Financial Analyser™' business model we will project your financial position and an approximate value of  of your business at financial year end.

Using your initial profit and cash flow improvement strategies we will test the overall impact these will have on the financial position of your business. Once we have the results, together we will fine-tune your strategies so that the end result has the most positive impact on profit , cash flow and value of your business.

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Step 2.0 - Detailed 3-Way Financial Plan

Taking your final financial, profit and cash flow projection we will build a detailed financial plan for your business.

Your 3-Way Financial Plan sets out your pathway to improving the financial results of your business. This becomes your roadmap for monitoring your financial performance - month by month - line by line - so that you capture every dollar of financial improvement.

Step 3.1 - Re-designing Your Financial Reports

The back bone of your financial reports is your 'Chart of Accounts' (CoA) which is used to allocate and record the financial transactions of your business.

Unfortunately for most businesses, the CoA is designed (either by the accounting software company or your Bookkeeper) to suit taxation needs and not the needs of business management.

Our focus will be to change this and re-design your CoA so that your accounting ledger captures the necessary information that helps you manage and maximise the financial results (profit and cash flow) of your business.

Step 3.2 - Documenting Your 'Master Chart of Accounts™'

Now that we know what information you will need in your financial reports this will be fully documented in your 'Master Chart of Accounts™' (MCA) report. We call it your 'Master' CoA because it becomes your guide for all future changes to accounts in your ledger as you business grows.

Not only will your MCA be fully documented but you'll also have a detailed explanation of what each part of your accounting ledger (called your 'General Ledger') means and it's importance to maintaining strong financial managment in your business.

We will also help you with implementing the changes to your accounting software program if required.


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