'You can't manage what you don't measure"

- Peter Drucker.

With monthly review and analysis of your profit and cash flow results you’ll have your finger on the pulse, making tactical changes when needed so that you maximise your financial results.

Accountability almost guarantees you’ll reap the rewards of the financial goals you set for your business. Our Financial Monitoring Program™ will cement this into the management of your business.

Financial Monitoring Program™

You'll Be Amazed at How Easily You Can Keep On Top Of  Your Business Finances.

If you’re in the small but elite group of business owners whose vision is to have the money, security, confidence and skills to be at the top of their game personally & professionally, you should join this unique Financial Monitoring Program™.

“What Is The GBM 'Financial Monitoring Program™'?”

Ultimately, to be successful in business you have to be comfortable with the financial aspects of your business. And just as importantly you have to review the financial results regularly, preferrably monthly but at the very least every 3 months.

Too many business owners unwittingly leave the financial aspects of their business to the Accountant.

The concern here is that your Accountant is looking after hundreds of other clients and therefore unable to devote any time to looking after yours. In most cases this is only done annually and solely for the purposes of preparing your income tax returns.

This is why every business owner needs a system for preparing the necessary financial reports relating to profitability and cash flow and reviewing them regularly. Tthe GBM 'Financial Monitoring Program™' can be your system.

“Here’s How”

Step 1

Determine the financial and other information needed for proper financial control of your business.

Step 2

Review the financial and other information of your business to identify both the low performance as well as the high performance areas to be discussed. A copy of these reports are provided to you in a special folder designed specifically for this Program.

Step 3

In a face to face meetng (in person or on-line) we discuss the results of our review and identify what factors have contributed to your financial and other results. An Action Plan is completed with appropriate timelines and responsibilities allocated so that follow up activity is implemented.

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Step 1 - The Review

Using a detailed check list, we run a 'fine tooth comb' over your financial reports and other data to identify improving as well as under-performing areas in your business.

This includes compiling non-financial data, also referred to as 'Key Performance Indicators' (KPI's) so that other aspects of business performance (not just financial) are considered.

Our experience allows us to 'cut through the clutter' of information and drill down to the most important aspects of your business performance. A case of avoiding the 'I can't see the woods for all the trees' syndrome.

Step 2 - Financial Reports

For many business owners, the Profit and Loss Report is the key source of financial information. Although important it is only part of the financial picture of your business. There is also your Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement and other subsidary reports that must be considered.

As an analogy, if your doctor only took your pulse every time you went in for a physical check up you'd have to think that there were lots of health issues that would not show up in the Doctor's assessment.

Looking at a range of financial and non-financial information we uncover symptons that may need your attention in your business avoiding any potential financial disaster .

Step 3 - Action Plan

During our 1 on 1 de-brief consultation meeting, we agree on what action needs to be taken to keep your buiness on track and to follow up on items that need corrective action.

This simple tool can make the difference between success and failure in achieving your targetted financial goals for the year. The process of accountability is a very powerful tool for achieving business results.