Attention overwhelmed & confused business owners!

Most businesses never reach their full potential because the business owner spends too much time doing the work rather than managing and growing their business.

With a well-structured 7-step business mentoring program, you’ll learn strategies to overcome fears of failure emotionally and financially and receive hands- on proven methods to turn declining sales, low profits and no business direction into a crystal-clear vision for success across key areas of business, leadership and life!

Business Mentoring Program™

If you’re in the small but elite group of business owners whose vision is to have the money, security, confidence and skills to be at the top of their game personally & professionally, you should join this unique Business Mentoring Program™.

It was a great investment both

As a new small business we found the information invaluable and highly relevant to growing our business effectively.  So much of what you teach is not taught to small businesses so it was great to find a system that wasn’t just theory but that could be applied to our business practically as well.

We really got a lot out of the review sessions with you as well as you challenged us to think beyond what we ‘already knew’ and we often came away with a few great ideas that we could implement into our business immediately.

Being a small business owner and talking with other small business owners I have discovered that there are other courses out there that are similar but not as personal as your business mentoring program, for a fraction of the price some are paying as well.

personally & professionally.

“What Is The Business Mentoring Program®?”

As the name suggests, this is a 7 step structured Business Mentoring Program where each  strategic stage needs to be completed before you can use what you’ve learnt through to the other stages.

The reason for this is each stage builds and compliments each other. As a Program participant, you receive all the strategies, methods and understanding to take massive action and make the 6 Success Pillars™ of Business work for you.This fantastic business-mentoring program comprises of 7 individual folders that contain five core components.

“How You’ll Transform Your Business, Leadership & Life Discovering The 6 Success Pillars™ Of Business!”

Each of the 7 folders are named to coincide with each stage that will provide you with the 6 Success Pillars™ of Business for becoming a dynamic and effective leader in key area’s of your business, your Business Mentoring Program Folders are structured with 5 separate components that provide a powerful educational experience that allow you to create an extraordinary business while at the same time putting those same proven strategies to work in your personal life.

“Here’s How”

With a well-structured 7-step business mentoring program, you’ll learn strategies to overcome fears of failure emotionally and financially and receive hands- on proven methods to turn declining sales, low profits and no business direction into a crystal-clear vision for success across key areas of business, leadership and life!

“Easy & Convenient, Fluff-Free Business & Leadership Mentoring, At Your Own Pace!”

With access to your own highly skilled Global Business Mentor, Global Business Mentors are not ‘pretend experts’.

Your Mentor will support and guide you and will have been handpicked based on their experiences, their unique talents and expertise in business and leadership development, so you receive a business mentor who’s up to date and who uses proven methods to help you succeed in business, leadership and life at your own pace.

Kick Start – Where are you now?

This is where you would take a reality check by completing 5 separate and very powerful checklists to identify your hidden strengths and how you can build on them while also identifying your weaknesses are to turn them into strengths.

You’ll do this by completing a personal S.W.O.T. analysis setting the platform for you to become a dynamic leader in your business.

"Begin With The End in Mind”

As the Mad Hatter said to Alice “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there". In this powerful, thought provoking stage you’ll

Set a crystal-clear direction with powerful reasons to achieve everything you want from your business, leadership and life!

You will become very clear about where you’re heading with your business.

You’ll simplifying your decision making process which will result in less stress more enjoyment, massive action and improved results.

And you’ll also begin your dynamic leader & business journal to discover the success secrets of some of the worlds’ most dynamic leaders.

#2 - Planning Your Business!

This stage is really exciting! Here, you’ll develop your Vision and Mission into a winning plan to turn your goals into reality. You’ll be amazed at what the statistics show up as being the difference between business that became successful and those that didn’t. How?

Using your detailed SWOT analysis you’ll develop strategies that build on you business strengths to take full advantage of opportunities available to you in your market place.

Furthermore, you’ll also develop strategies for what action can be taken to reduce the effects of your weaknesses and the threats facing your business.

You’ll keep continuing your leadership development journey as you learn the secrets of how some of the worlds’ greatest communicators captivated the minds and hearts of people in their quest for change.

#3 - Growing Your Business

Learning the lessons and seeing the example of one of the most successful family businesses in the world will give your business the edge over your competitors with 27 different strategies that you can apply in your business today.

A folder so filled with ideas and strategies you’ll think that you received two folders in one.

Great leaders have one outstanding quality above all else, their Values. Your continued leadership learning will teach you the importance of knowing how people’s motives and therefore their actions are driven by their ‘internal compass’.

You can harness this powerful human trait for the benefit of not only your business but also for yourself and for your team.

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#4 - Managing Your Business

Taking control of your business success is vital to your success. You’ll learn modern day practices that keep your business under control in leadership, finances and business development to help you achieve your strategic and financial goals.

The often complicated and confusing subject of business financial reports will be demystified so that you become a master of interpreting your reports and applying strategies to keep your business on track and profitable.

You’ll get the tools to create your own 4 step ‘Management Control Plan’ identifying your Critical Success Factors (CSF’s) so that you can create your own Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) so you’re in control at all times.

Have you ever been confused by the fact that the profit and cash flow is different and don’t understand why you can have a profitable business and always be in what feels like continual cash crisis?

Another important trait of exceptional leaders is their ability to set and achieve goals. You’ll learn the difference between an ‘End’ goal and a ‘Performance’ goal and how each is used in achieving spectacular business results.

#5 – Valuing Your Business

Michael Gerber in his book ‘The E-Myth’ said ‘the only reason to start a business is to sell it’. For many their business is their retirement nest egg. There isn’t anything wrong with this unless your business turns out to be worth far less that you think it should be.

In most cases, business owners are focused on sales and then profit and with good reason. Underneath this though is the ‘hidden game’ of creating value. In this folder you’ll learn the common proven methods and ways your business can be valued. You’ll also discover how to protect yourself against this and what must be done if you want to create value in your business.

It makes no sense to create a valuable asset, sell it and then not be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour due to ill health. A good leader knows that health and fitness are mandatory for long-term performance.

Dr. Andrew Fell gives you ‘The 3 Essential Keys on How to Live a Long and Healthy Life’ so that you are ‘Fit For Business’ and beyond.

#6 - Exiting Your Business - Freedom!

Finally the time has come to make the big decision to move out of your business. Do you sell it, do you ‘hand over the reins’ or do you do something else will it? Which one will you choose and which is right for you?

The answer is what ever suits you best but this is not the key issue, it’s ‘how will you do it and are you ready for it to happen smoothly and without hiccups? In this final folder you’ll learn not only the 4 ways to achieve this, but also the key issues to avoid the stress and heartache that can occur when this time comes.

Your journey so far has been mostly about your business, your leadership skills and business development, however there is any important aspect in everyone’s life whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor or employee that remains with us day in and day out, and that’s our own personal financial position.

If you really think about it, if you have poor personal financial habits, how likely is then that you will carry those habits over into your business life?

So you can be set on the right path and get the right financial knowledge and create positive financial habits, you’ll learn the Success Secret fundamentals of personal financial mastery from eradicating personal debt to becoming financially secure with or without your business. How?

Using the 5 Laws of Money, where you’ll become money ‘attractive’ and not money ‘repellant’ and in combination with the 6 Rules for achieving financial independence you may never have to worry about money again.