Which Advisory Program Will Suit Your Business Needs?

No matter where your business is situated right now (early development or mature), one of our Advisory Programs will help you get better financial results.

Profit Discovery Program®

Revealing the hidden profit and cash flow potential of your business. Click the button to the right to get details.

Financial Monitoring Program®

Locking in the profit and cash flow potential of your business. Click the button to the right to get details.

Business Mentoring Program®

Taking your Leadership and Management skills to a new level. Click the button to the right to get details.

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After spending just 2 hours with Kerry King I was able to go away and implement some very easy principles that have produced results. I estimate that Kerry has helped me add over $150,000 to my bottom line with very little effort. This was the best two hours I invested in my company.

Len Bignell
Tornado Tilt and Crane

Pricing and Packaging

All Programs (including some individual elements) have fixed prices. Individual elements comprising the 'Profit Discovery Program®' have been 'bundled' to provide better client outcomes and investment savings when enrolling in the complete Program.

However, savings can also be made when more than one Program is delivered as a complete package.

For example by enrolling in the 'Profit Discovery Program®' and the 'Financial Monitoring Program®' (delivered consecutively) the level of financial investment is reduced and you maintain the momentum of change to lock in your extra profit and cash flow.

Similarly, enrolling in  'Profit Discovery Program®' and the 'Business Mentoring Program®' (delivered concurrently) will reduce your level of financial investment. This combination allows you to leverage your new business and financial knowledge leading to even better results.

This principle also applies when a client enrolls in all 3 Programs locking even more savings.

Interested business owners and managers should contact us to discuss which Program(s) and bundling options would best suit their business in the present circumstances.

Other Advisory Services

Other advisory services not packaged in the featured Programs are also available.

These include:

  • Strategic Planning Workshop (SPW)
  • Client Advisory Boards (CAB)
  • Team Advisory Boards (TAB)

The need for these additional strategic initiatives and their value to the business is often revealed during delivery of the other Programs.

We highly recommend a strategic planning workshop for all business owners and firmly believe that this should be done at least once every year with progress reviewed after 6 months.

Eric Lewis, Director
Advanced Shade Systems