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What is the difference between a Business Mentor and a Business Coach?

A. Consider the Australian cricket Captain – Steve Smith.
As the captain Steve needs a different type of guidance than he does as a batsman. Mentoring (as Captain) is based on the principles and strategies of the game, the ‘what’ to do rather than the ‘how’ to do.

Coaching is required if he is to perform his best as a batsman in defending against a spin bowler compared to a fast bowler.

So in that way, your role as the owner of the business is different from the one you may fill as a sales manager or service manager in your business. You need a Mentor to guide you as the Owner (and Leader) and a coach to help you as a manager (the organiser).

Do you guarantee the result from the Mentoring Program?

A. It is impossible for an external party to guarantee the results of a business unless that party has full control over the business. However we will guarantee your satisfaction with the Mentoring Program.

If for any reason you are not satisfied that upon fully implementing all of the processes and strategies provided in the Mentoring program that you do not get better business results we will refund your money in full, in fact we insist you ask. Return all your folders for a full refund, no questions, no ifs, no buts … guaranteed.

What are three things that make this Mentoring program different?

A. Well you can work your through it at your own pace in your own time. You can pay by the month and you’ll use the 6 Secrets™ of a successful business to receive a powerful concept to start and continue the journey to improve the performance of you, your leadership and your business.

How long does it take to complete the Mentoring program?

A. You have a choice of a 6-month Program or a 12-month Program. The difference is the timing between you receiving each of your Mentoring Program folders.

B. Choosing the 6-month Program you’ll receive a folder each month whereas on the 12-month Program you receive a folder every 2nd month.

Do I have to pay cash or can I pay over time to assist my cash flow?

A. You can make payment either way but there is a slightly higher fee for paying over time and a direct debit system for your monthly payment will be in place to secure those payments.

How often do I get to speak with my Mentor?

A. You will be able to book a ‘2 hour de-brief consultation’ with your Mentor per folder so that you can clarify any of the information contained in your folder or seek guidance on how to apply the strategies or lessons learned to your business.

Can I have more time with my Mentor?

A. You can book additional time with your Mentor however the cost associated with this is not part of your Mentoring Program fee, so you will have to make arrangements to cover this as an additional cost.

How soon can I start the Global Business Mentoring Program?

A. You can start your Mentoring Program at time you choose. Simply complete your enrolment application and pay the required fee. You will receive your first folder within 1 weeks from your day of your enrolment.

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