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Global Business Mentoring (GBM) advises and mentors owners of small businesses so they can transform their business into profitable, sustainable enterprises with increased cash flow, a crystal-clear business vision and growth for the long term.

Our Mission

"Empowering business owners to change their financial future from survival to success."

“Helping Businesses & Business Owners Reach Their Goals With Business Mentoring Since 1995!”

Starting in 1995, the founder and Chief Mentor of Global Business Mentoring, Kerry King, a qualified accountant, recognised that as an accountant he needed to do more than the standard tax and accounting work for his business clients if he was to make a real difference in their lives and businesses.

“How Kerry Helped Save A Desperate, Ready To Be ‘Sold Up’ Manufacturing Business, Saving The Company & 30 People’s Livelihood!”

This need for a professional business-mentoring program became even more apparent when Kerry was called in to help a manufacturing business employing 30 people to survive.

As the business was about to be ‘sold up’ by its bankers for missing a couple of interest payments (totaling less than $15,000) the owners were frantic, and had Kerry not been brought in by them, not only would the 30 or so employees lose their jobs, but the shareholders would lose their homes and everything they had worked for in growing the business over the previous 10 years.

“The Outcome!”

Through simple strategies recommended by Kerry, in less than 12 months the business had turned around for the better, became profitable and was able pay out the bank. It wasn’t rocket science; it was a case of just doing the simple things that made the difference.

This is what the Global Business Mentoring Program core value is based on. Providing simple yet very powerful practices, expert business mentoring and strategies that produce results.

That experience was the beginning of a quest for Kerry to focus solely on business advisory services and leave the tax and accounting work to those best suited to do it, his accounting colleagues.

His experience working with business owners covers a range of SMEs with turnover ranging from as little as $500K to as high as $18.M

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Success Stories

It's always reassuring to know that others have tried what you're planning and get their thoughts before you proceed. So we've put together testimonials from others who've completed GBM Programs.

Clients We've Had The Priviledge Of Working With

Clients Tell About Their Experience Working With Us

After spending just 2 hours with Kerry King I was able to go away and implement some very easy principles that have produced results.

I estimate that Kerry has helped me add over $150,000 to my bottom line with very little effort. This was the best two hours I invested in my company.

I look forward to doing further workshops with him and watching the company profits leap even further.

Len Bignell
Len Bignell Tornado Towing

We just wanted to say thank you for guiding us through your business mentoring program.

As a new small business we found the information invaluable and highly relevant to growing our business effectively. So much of what you teach is not taught to small businesses so it was great to find a system that wasn’t just theory but that could be applied to our business practically as well.

We really got a lot out of the review sessions with you as well as you challenged us to think beyond what we ‘already knew’ and we often came away with a few great ideas that we could implement into our business immediately.

Being a small business owner and talking with other small business owners I have discovered that there are other courses out there that are similar but not as personal as your business mentoring program, for a fraction of the price some are paying as well.

It was a great investment both personally and professionally for Mike and I.

Kind Regards,

Michael & Anita Payet – Assurance Solar & Electrical

Anita & MIchael Payet
Anita & MIchael Payet Assurance Solar & Electrical

It is my sincere pleasure and honour to recommend Kerry King's Global Business Mentoring Program.

I undertook Kerry's Global Business Mentoring Program because I was at a point where I needed (and knew) I could do much better and get an outsiders perspective and a support system at the same time. And while the content in the program was excellent the one-on-one sessions with Kerry were the most beneficial for me because he always challenged and guided me.

I also thought doing the mentoring program would take up a lot of my free time however it didn't. Each module took me about 3 hours a week to complete and then I had a two hour one-on-one session within Kerry once a month on the day and time that suited me.

Since completing the program December 2015 it's time to act and implement. Part of that implementation has been putting on another 3 copywriting and marketing interns, increasing my fee's and putting on a new Engine Officer (PA) so I can focus on higher earning activities and this is already paying dividends in key area's of my businesses and life.

What I like about Kerry is he tells like it is, is honest and is the real deal. These are qualities I like in a mentor and why I have no trouble in recommending his mentoring program to others in business.

If you'd like to speak to me about this recommendation, Kerry or his program, please contact me. Eddie Bryant, Chief Operations Officer, COO, ECMC & Eddie's Enterprises

Eddie Bryant
Eddie Bryant Eddie's Copywriting & Marketing Centre

I have just completed the [GBM] Mentoring Program with Kerry King and am happy to provide this testimonial of my experience.

The depth of content is awesome. It ’s is more than I need sometimes but I think there are advantages for anyone doing this regardless of the size of your business. The keys are all there to create the right strategy to move your business to the next level if that ’s what you want to do.

There is your message of “Stepping up,” well I’ve found this really true, it has actually been difficult making myself get through what I’ve done so far. Somehow you’ve been able to get me to step up and do the work required and importantly challenged me to go further and not give up. I’ve needed to negotiate through and find a way instead of backing off.

And finally, I think what you do puts the focus on me doing the work, you know “If  it ’s meant to be it ’s up to me” Brian Tracy I think.

If things are going to change with my business I’m going to have to change, It ’s not always easy to do that and sometimes you need someone to point out the
truth (With some real meat on it) that you would never of seen by yourself.

Joe Thorley
Joe Thorley Thorley Creative

Frequently Asked Questions

Experience has taught us that people always have questions when they encounter something new or different. We hope yours can be answered here. If not, use the link at the bottom to ask more.

Your FAQ's Answered Here

What is the difference between a Business Mentor and a Business Coach?

A. Consider the Australian cricket Captain – Steve Smith.
As the captain Steve needs a different type of guidance than he does as a batsman. Mentoring (as Captain) is based on the principles and strategies of the game, the ‘what’ to do rather than the ‘how’ to do.

Coaching is required if he is to perform his best as a batsman in defending against a spin bowler compared to a fast bowler.

So in that way, your role as the owner of the business is different from the one you may fill as a sales manager or service manager in your business. You need a Mentor to guide you as the Owner (and Leader) and a coach to help you as a manager (the organiser).

Do you guarantee the result from the Mentoring Program?

A. It is impossible for an external party to guarantee the results of a business unless that party has full control over the business. However we will guarantee your satisfaction with the Mentoring Program.

If for any reason you are not satisfied that upon fully implementing all of the processes and strategies provided in the Mentoring program that you do not get better business results we will refund your money in full, in fact we insist you ask. Return all your folders for a full refund, no questions, no ifs, no buts … guaranteed.

What are three things that make this Mentoring program different?

A. Well you can work your through it at your own pace in your own time. You can pay by the month and you’ll use the 6 Secrets™ of a successful business to receive a powerful concept to start and continue the journey to improve the performance of you, your leadership and your business.

How long does it take to complete the Mentoring program?

A. You have a choice of a 6-month Program or a 12-month Program. The difference is the timing between you receiving each of your Mentoring Program folders.

B. Choosing the 6-month Program you’ll receive a folder each month whereas on the 12-month Program you receive a folder every 2nd month.

Do I have to pay cash or can I pay over time to assist my cash flow?

A. You can make payment either way but there is a slightly higher fee for paying over time and a direct debit system for your monthly payment will be in place to secure those payments.

How often do I get to speak with my Mentor?

A. You will be able to book a ‘2 hour de-brief consultation’ with your Mentor per folder so that you can clarify any of the information contained in your folder or seek guidance on how to apply the strategies or lessons learned to your business.

Can I have more time with my Mentor?

A. You can book additional time with your Mentor however the cost associated with this is not part of your Mentoring Program fee, so you will have to make arrangements to cover this as an additional cost.

How soon can I start the Global Business Mentoring Program?

A. You can start your Mentoring Program at time you choose. Simply complete your enrolment application and pay the required fee. You will receive your first folder within 1 weeks from your day of your enrolment.

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